Here at MAPPETRA we have continuously provided facilities for the enjoyment of our guests. We have spacious chalets for guests seeking a relaxing holiday or even campsites for the more adventurous who wish to connect with nature. We also provide facilities for indoor and outdoor activities, from a refreshing outdoor nature appreciation to participating in short indoor workouts.

We have 14 chalets, 6 blocks of dormitories, seminar halls, prayer room, food kiosk, convenience shop, gazebo, playing fields, 6 camp sites and other facilities normally provided for outdoor events.

New Cell

New Cell
We provide excellent outdoor facilities/games as follows:
• Low Rope
• River Crossing
• High Rope
• Night Trekking
• Obstacle Course
• Orienteering
• Abseiling
• Night Line
• Rappelling
• Mud Walking
• Flying Fox
• Waterfall Trekking
• 12 Foot Wall
• Jungle Rescue
• Spider Web
• Jungle Trekking
• Rafting • Canoeing
• Solo Camping • PT Log