MAPPETRA is committed to providing safe and quality professional corporate training. Our Professional Development Programmes are aimed at meeting your business needs. We work closely with our clients to design and deliver a customized development programme which draws parallels to your working environment and enables individuals to learn through practical application and facilitated discussions.
New Cell

This course is designed for both newly formed and existing functional or cross-functional teams. It is also suitable for project teams who wish to evolve into cohesive units where members not only share the same expectations for accomplishing group goals, but also develop trust and support for one another while respecting individual differences.

This course aims to assist young professionals who wish to enhance their self-confidence, group management abilities, creativity, communication skills and tenacity in problem solving. Organisations send their new officers on this course to equip them with the necessary skills to enhance teamwork.


This programme addresses the crucial need for new employees to be integrated into the organization/corporate culture. The core values of organizations, which govern and guide their employees’ actions at the workplace, are incorporated into our programmes.