Pre-Teens & Family

MAPPETRA offers courses for students aged 7 and above which complement the educational goals outlined by the authority. Among the pre-teens programmes include:
New Cell

The Discovery Camp offers a unique camping experience in our tree huts/tents. It is designed to develop school spirit and promote bonding among students and teachers through activities like team games and higher impact activities such as ropes confidence courses and rock climbing. The fun and challenging activities allow students to explore and discover about themselves while, at the same time, helping them gel as a team.

This programme emphasizes the fundamentals of leadership and team management and is thus suitable for prefects, class monitors and student leaders. Participants will take turns to lead and also be given the opportunity to manage their own time and resources. By incorporating elements of independence and interdependence, students get a chance to develop their problem-solving and decision-making skills.


The Family Events also known as Family Day gives family members the opportunity to take on many problem-solving and physical challenges together. The shared experience will prove valuable and memorable, resulting in a stronger family unit that strives to understand and appreciate one another. This programme is suitable for organizations such as Parent Teacher Association in school, neighbourhood organisations, corporate bodies, governmental and non-governmental organizations.